Sunday, September 20, 2015

It takes a village

4 years ago, I posted this to my Facebook account: 

"1 year ago we had never heard the phrases "interrupted aortic arch" or "lyringical webbing." Brielle has taught us so much in just one year it's amazing. Because of her, we know how important a good attitude can be.We know what a difference love can make. We know just how strong a 1 week old baby is. We know how amazing it is to hear a baby cry. We know the power of kind words from others. Brielle continues to amaze us and we are so blessed to have her in our lives. Happy 1st Birthday Bri!"

It still rings true today. We hear the phrase "it takes a village" often while raising children, but I don't know if I ever really got that saying until 5 years ago. Sure, we had help with our first, but that was nothing compared to 5 years ago. 5 years ago, we announced we had a baby girl. Our family members all began their drive up to see us and meet the newest member of our family. Some made it, some did not, some were told to turn around halfway here. Baby girl was headed to a different hospital. 

To this day, I cannot believe the amount of love and support that was shown to our little family. Visitors came, meals were made, gifts purchased, and kind words were said by all. 

My Mom set up a Caringbridge page for our little girl. It became our ritual at bedtime to page through and read the comments left for us. 5 years later, and I can still recite some of those kind words that were typed so carefully for us to read. Words, are powerful things. We knew we had people all around the country praying for our little girl. It was comforting. 

Since then, we have had nurses, family members, and friends help us love our little girl. People often comment on what a good job we have done and how far she has come, but it is not just us. She has a whole team cheering her on, loving her, and helping her- it's our village. It's family members, it's doctors, it's nurses, it's friends, it's neighbors, and it's coworkers.  

Thank you to all those who have impacted our little Princess's life. Thank you to those who have been patient, kind, and loving towards her. Thank you to those who have welcomed her into their lives. Thank you to those who took a moment to leave a comment on her site. Thank you. 

I recently read an article written by another mother who was lamenting about the loss of "village". I disagree. It may look a little different now days, but I believe the village is alive and well. 

Little Miss continues to teach us every day. She shows us what it means to be strong. She shows us what it means to keep trying. She teaches to celebrate the small things. She teaches us that hugs really can help heal. Through her, we have seen kindness in so many others. 

I cannot wait to see what she teaches us this year. 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Is Being a Nurse a "Talent"?

There have been some comments in the media lately concerning the profession of nursing and whether or not it is considered a "talent".  Anyone who would ever question this has clearly been healthy enough to not have medical needs that would require one to spend a lot of time around nurses.

They have not just recieved a diagnosis for their child and been comforted by a nurse.

They have not had a nurse carefully explain what all the numbers on a screen mean about your child.

They have not had a nurse run to your child's room because an alarm is blaring.

They have not had a nurse fight against doctors because they KNOW your baby needs more pain medications.

They have not left their baby's side for a night because a nurse you know and trust reassures you that they will stand by and keep your child safe.

They have not had a nurse run through every floor of the hospital looking for THAT mobile because that was the one she liked last time.

They have not had a nurse make them laugh when they needed it the most.

They have not had a nurse track down the laundry to find a precious blanket that was not meant to be taken.

They have not come home from the hospital to find a stranger sitting on their steps. A stanger who is there to help, care, and keep your baby safe. A stranger who will come into your home to do these things. Yes, a nurse.

All these things and more have been done for my and my family, by a nurse. If that is not enough talent for you, try waiting while someone tries to get an IV started in your tiny baby. Getting it on the first try, now THAT is talent.

I cannot thank the nurses in my life enough. They have had such an amazing impact on my life; I have a difficult time putting it into words. From the nurses who helped us in the NICU, to the nurses on the CVCC floor (Heidi and Carissa- if this every reaches you- I am so VERY grateful for you both!), to the nurses who see us in the clinic, to the nurses we have had in our home, to the nurses I have in my family. I believe nurses have the greatest talent of all- they give us hope. They give us something to hang on to. They give us comfort.